Phone and Meeting Booths: The DIVILUX experience

The increasing demands of clients for efficient workplaces drive the adoption of innovative solutions, such as phone booths, proving effective and advantageous in optimizing the quality of work.

In open spaces, increasingly common in recent decades, background noise can become a disruptive element affecting employees’ productivity and well-being. Acoustic booths are designed to isolate sound in a defined space, allowing people to work in a quieter environment and focus better on their activities.

In this context, Divilux, in collaboration with its Italian partner, is developing a new product: a fully glass acoustic booth, with the potential to evolve into a self-supporting microarchitecture or dividing wall.

A fully developed system capable of integrating all existing partition collections in the catalog, introducing a new logic with innovative accessories.

These structures, known for their flexibility and adaptability, seamlessly integrate into existing environments and can be easily relocated or resized. The result is a dynamic and variable layout that reconciles the strategic needs of the office with contemporary requirements for individual spaces and collaborative meeting areas.

In recent months, the project has taken shape, resulting in a booth with an extruded aluminum structure, seamlessly integrating with work tables, acoustic panels, curtains, and shelves. The ability to use glass of various thicknesses, combined with the ease of installing sound-absorbing panels, allows for maximum customization in noise reduction levels. Additionally, careful attention has been devoted to the internal ventilation system, incorporating variable-speed fans in the acoustic ceiling.