Modular partitions

In different types of projects, the division of a space requires personalized solutions whose reasons originate from the constraints of the space itself. The importance of our ranges being thought of as true modular partitions, allows the use of the different products of our ranges to respond to challenges.

Combination of solutions

Any of our systems of partitions has been carefully designed from the design stage so that they can produce a series of solutions that are articulated with each other, capable of presenting themselves on the market as modular partitions in every sense.

Space distribution imperatives are often a determining factor in the need to create a customized solution for a specific room. That is, in this case, it is about objective factors that determine the need for conjugation between system of partitions. It is here that the importance of choosing high quality modular partitions plays a key role, as it allows the execution of the project with a total optimization of space, without losing the creativity of the original design.

Manufacture of modular partitions

The high level of functionality of our partitions makes them capable of being assumed asmodular partitions that, for example, allow to integrate in the partition of the metrica® system cabinets of the cubica® system, at the same time that partitions of our unica® system are used.

Whatever the reason why an option has to be taken not based on style but on the basis of functionality, a space with divilux® partitions will always be closer to achieving the objective. The excellence of the design of our lines gives the subtle touch that allows the creation of a visual harmony between the different materials presented in the spaces.

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